Established in 2016 as a private client brand.  Andrew attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and then proceeded to work in the fashion industry for high-end designers for several years before creating his eponymous line.  His collection started initially by chance.  He had a formal event to attend, and when searching for an outfit to wear, saw that there was a lack of variety in the men’s evening wear market.  Using the resources he had acquired from his years experience in the fashion industry, he made a custom full-length dinner jacket and wide leg trousers to wear.  His look got a huge response at the event, and requests for his pieces started coming in immediately. Within months of creating custom looks for private clients. Andrew was named the winner of the 2016 Fashion Vanguard Award, presented by Lexus and Out Magazine.  An increasing demand for his product lead Andrew to expand his unisex collection. Over the past year Andrew has built a substantial private client base including musicians, fashion influencers, and a diverse range of celebrities.